BIO: Melissa Harrington Manary is a daughter of God, wife, mother of 5, and missionary in Romania. She just finished her Master’s degree in Christian Counseling this year. Melissa has been active in ministry for decades and has a huge heart to encourage women. Life Made Radiant is honored to have her share her heart as a guest blogger.

Letting go….why is that so hard? It’s like my fists are clenched so tight they are starting to hurt. Why do we do this to ourselves? I first had to learn to leave America 13 years ago and all the comforts of home and family. We are missionaries there. Now my 2 oldest are starting college in a different country. It’s hard and scary. And I just don’t want to do it. God do I have to? He gently reaches down to me saying yes my daughter I will be with you. When we serve the great I Am He is all we need. Our hope, our comfort, our strength. Whatever we have to face in this life we can do it with a smile and confidence because our God goes before us, He loves us and will give us the strength we need. Just like the little eaglet who loves the comforts of the nest. The Momma spreads her wings over her child to protect her, bring her food. Everything is perfect. Not a care in the world because Momma is providing everything she needs until…..Momma starts stirring up the nest. Now life is not as comfortable as it used to be. The pieces of straw hurt and it’s not fun to lie down. Then Momma starts pushing her out of the nest. What is happening? ??? Why is she doing this? ?? I miss the comforts, the security, the rest. Momma knows just like God knows without pushing us out of the nest we will never fly. We really can face those challenges, we can release our grasp. God allows uncomfortable things to happen to stir us up and get us out of our comfort zone…then we can fly! God is still there. He is taking care of us and our children. We have nothing to fear. Let go and fly!!!

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