I’ve seen a lot of social commentary lately about people judging other moms for everything they do and don’t do in life. Here is my Mother’s Day message: honestly, we are all just trying to do our best. I think it’s good to remember that we all have different paths, calling, giftings, abilities, circumstances, and lives. You can’t judge. You can’t compare. You can’t belittle yourself or others. Some moms stay-at-home, some work part-time, some work full-time, some are married, dating, single doing it all on their own, widowed, divorced and co-parenting, some moms of littles are grandmas raising the next generation. Then there are moms who have one kid to 12 kids or mixed families, adopting moms, moms who have lost babies, moms who struggle with fertility, and moms who think about getting pregnant and, boom, it happens. Some of you moms are physically fit and some of us are not. There are moms who choose to homeschool their children, others who send their kids off to school, and others still who go to school with their kids. There are teen moms and golden year moms. There are healthy moms and sick moms. There are even moms who are willing to give up their child to be loved by an adopting mom. There are moms who have the heart of a mom and never got to the chance to adopt or birth a child of their own, so they give all they can to kids around them. Moms, we come in all different shapes, sizes, cultures, viewpoints, backgrounds, colors … you are different. You are special. You are your kid’s mom. That kid who calls you Mom, Mama, Mommy, Mum, or Mother was given to you to love, develop, teach, grow, nurture, feed, clothe, discipline and hopefully, in the end, turn them into a functional adult. Our kids aren’t perfect. They will embarrass you at the wrong moment, they will have fits in public, they will be adorable, they will break your heart, those kids will make you beam with pride. Kids will make you question everything and make you feel amazing. They can hug you one minute and then make you feel like they hate you the next. As a mom you can feel like a failure, used, and disrespected, then the next day your kids can do something to make it all worth it.

Being a mom is the greatest gift in the world and the greatest burden you’ll ever carry. I’ll be honest, I never wanted to be a mom. Anyone who knows me knows that to be true. I saw the work that went into being a mom and the huge responsibility it required – it wasn’t for me. I liked being an auntie and babysitting. God had another plan – He knew my life needed motherhood. He brought me our Son in 2008 and it has been the best gift. I’ve learned more about God’s love, forgiveness, grace, protection, and provision over the past decade. Then my Husband and I tried for another child and had to wait for 4 years to have our second with a lot of trying and disappointment. Our Daughter came in 2015 bringing a lot of joy and stress.

Ladies, raise your hand right now and say “I’m doing alright” because if you are loving your kids, feeding them, teaching them what’s right, developing their character, and taking care of our kids the best you can – then you are doing all right. Happy Mother’s Day. Stay strong Mama, keep focused on Jesus, and love those babies the best you can.

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