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So, I’ve lived a perfect life since.

I’d be lying if that were true. I have not lived a perfect life in fact far from it. I have tried though not to be perfect but to have progress.

In fact, I fell in love with my first boyfriend in 11th grade (16). He became my best friend, my first kiss, and my 1st love. I really enjoyed our relationship, but I felt such guilt. We weren’t allowed to date the relationship was hidden and I felt a huge amount of guilt but also the thrill of secrets. As much as I loved him, I finally broke up with him because I felt like the secrets and lies were eating away at me. It was the first time I really remember feeling the Holy Spirit convict me. Although the relationship was not long lasting, it taught me to be open to the person you love, communicate, faithfulness, and following the relationship, rules were needed in my life.

For college, I decided to go across the country, to Bob Jones University. One of the most conservative Christian college with the rules to follow. I got through it and thrived there. The reason I went was due to self-protection at 17 I knew my life was at a crossroads and in needed to protect myself from myself.

My 1st semester of college I had a roommate that tried to get me kicked out of school with lies. It was a heartbreaking and confusing time for me but in the end, I sought God more, which turned out to be a great time. I took a year off from BJU to kind of regroup and recover from that year. I started finding my belief system during that year visiting a different church every Sunday. I think I was the only 18-year-old asking churches for their statement of faith.

I’m so grateful for the connections and friendships I obtained from BJU. My 3 favorite people. Rachael, Jessica, and my husband Josh. I could not live this life without them encouraging me, correcting me, loving me, laughing with me, and being there for me. (Josh didn’t go to BJU, but that’s another story).

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